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Tracy Turly

I'm Tracy, I am a mum of two very active boys, as well as being a PT, I work part-time in an office, but my passion is Health & Fitness. 


I am a keen runner, for both the physical and mental benefits that it gives me.  I also enjoy a good HIIT workout, especially as they can be done when the kids are around and don't require any equipment.

I live by the 80/20 rule and love to cook from scratch using lots of fresh ingredients and vegetables (even if they are blitzed so the kids don't see them!). 


My favourite treat would be peanut M&M's or a good tub of ice cream!  I am also addicted to nut butter and eat some everyday in some form, even if it's straight from the jar on a spoon! In the summer my favourite breakfast is a smoothie bowl or some overnight oats, but in the winter months, it's porridge all the way!



Level 3 Personal Trainer


Level 4 Exercise Referral for Health Management

Pre and Postnatal Exercise

Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Nutrition for Weight Management, Sport and Exercise

Behaviour Change Coaching


Testimonials for Tracy

Tracy Report 

Frank is 86 and suffers from dementia. I have been working with him once a week for the last few months and he has made so much progress. When I first met him, his wife wanted him to feel more confident on his feet and not shuffle so much. She also wanted him to be able to manoeuvre himself around whilst sitting or in bed without so much support from her. Using predominantly chair based exercises to strengthen both his leg and arm muscles, Frank now almost sprints across the lounge when we “go for a walk”! I vary my programme from week to week, we do things like chair jogging, resistance bands and small weights.  Frank also loves to box as it reminds him of when he was younger. Because of his condition he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about when I tell him how brilliantly he is doing or when his wife and I say how much progress he has made, but he really has come on so much.  He now stands most of the time from his chair without the aid of his walker or support from his wife. 

Feedback on behalf of Frank:

From when Tracy started working with him he is much stronger and is able to get out of his chair unaided. She has been able to get him to walk better and he is trying to do more. He has a very good relationship  with Tracy and works very hard with her.

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Dementia Patient

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