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Below we outline some of the major health conditions that can benefit in a huge way by introducing exercise or moving more effectively. All of our fitness classes can be tailored to suit your comfort level and our personal trainers are experienced in working with a variety of physical and mental restraints. For any further advice or information please contact us to arrange a free consultation.


Cause : An auto-immune condition causing inflammation of a joint or joints. Damage occurs to the joint causing pain and stiffness within the joint and surrounding tissue.

Effect : Joint pain | Fatigue | Low mood | Difficulty sleeping | Irritabilty | Depression | Flu-like symptoms

Exercise : The temptation when in pain is to rest the affected area. The opposite in fact can offer both short and long term relief with arthritis. Gentle exercise increases strength and flexibility and helps you to maintain or reduce your body fat percentage. Exercise has also been proven to improve sleep and reduce depression symptoms. You do not need to be leaping around doing burpees, running 5k or lifting heavy weights to be exercising effectively. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and we can create a plan to suit you. Improve your physical and mental health with Vitality Hub in a fun and empowering way.

Cause : MLBP is usually a result of trauma due to, for example, a motor accident or twisting fall. Aound 80% of the UK population will suffer with MLBP at some point during their lives, it usually lasts around 4-6 weeks.

Effect : Constant lower back ache | Shooting pain downwards to buttocks, thighs, knees | Pain worsens when lifting heavy objects (lower back flexion)

Exercise : As with arthritis it is important that you do not fully rest the area, you need to keep moving. We recommend a combination of strength and flexibility exercises to ease your symptoms and can show you specific stretches alongside a tailored gentle core exercise routine. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your particular to case to find out what is right for you.

Mechanical Lower Back Pain

Cause : Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common medical condition, 1 in 4 adults may have it, many without even knowing. It is important to have your blood pressure checked routinely by a medical professional. Many GP surgeries have machines available without needing an appointment which may be more effective than small devices you can buy to use at home.

Effect : High blood pressure does not usually show any symptoms but if left untreated can lead to serious conditions such as stroke and heart disease.

Exercise : To reduce your blood pressure you should take part in regular exercise. You will benefit from cardio (heart) strengthening workouts which will enable the heart to work more efficiently. A good measure for exercising at the level required is to reach the point of breathlessness where you are still able to talk. It is important that you seek medical advice for high blood pressure as medication may be required. High blood pressure is reversible and we would love to help you get that reading down - contact us for more information.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Cause : Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder is the umbrella term for many lung conditions that cause difficulty breathing, in the short or long term. Emphysema is lung damage often caused by smoking, whereas bronchitis and asthma are caused by inflammation of the airways.

Effect : Breathlessness (particularly when active) | Persistent coughing | Wheezing | Chest infections

Exercise : The active solution to breathing difficulty related conditions is know as pulmonary rehabilitation. Exercise does not have to be uncomfortable and can increase your lung capacity if you are trained effectively. Do not be deterred from becoming/remaining active if you have a COPD diagnosis, contact us to find the right way to move more without aggravating your condition.

Breathing difficulties (inc COPD & Asthma)

Cause : You are considered obese when you are very overweight and have a BMI of more than 30 (for most adults). Obesity is usually caused by poor diet and inactivity, and the NHS claim that around 25% of UK adults are obese. In addition to a large volume of body fat obesity can lead to conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, some forms of Cancer and strokes.

Effect : Breathlessness | General physical discomfort | Sweating | Snoring or Sleep Apnoea | Exhaustion | Back and joint pain | Depression | Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth complications

Exercise : It is vital that action is taken to reduce body fat in order to regain physical health. A calorie deficit is required for us to lose weight, this means that we need to use up more calories than we consume. A healthy diet with reduced sugar and saturated fats is essential alongside cardiovascular exercise (for heart health) and strength training (for muscle tone and efficiency). You don't have to start training for a marathon, every small change counts towards a healthier happier body and we will help you every step of the way.


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