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Rosaria Barreto (Rosie)


I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 6 years with a range of clients including the obese, the elderly and the agrophobic. I know that no single approach is right for everyone and so I am equipped to offer a range of packages whether its for you or your staff. 

I can offer personal training at your home/work within the Maidstone, Kent area. Please sign up to the Vitality Hub newsletter for occasional offers. I love working with children so please don't be deterred if you have children that would be present during our sessions, I've previously trained whilst settling newborns and feeding toddlers and am happy for school age children to join in (within their own physical limitations).

I am a qualified in Sports Massage and operate from the Mercure Hotel, Maidstone on Mondays from 7-10pm. I can also travel to you with a portable table should you prefer to be in your own home.


BSc Hons Exercise and Fitness Management (University of Portsmouth)

REPS level 3 Personal Training

Level 3 Sports Massage


GP Referral Instructor 


Group Fitness/Dance fitness and movement


Testimonials for Rosie

My main goal was to change my lifestyle habits and make going to the gym a weekly and daily activity. I wanted to find the motivation to want to better my health and improve my overall physical appearance. I made a lifelong friend, Rosie is able to motivate you with her friendly and positive attitude whilst also pushing you at every hurdle. I learnt so much about which exercises tackled which area and how to do each exercise with the best form.I gained a lot of understanding how to do each exercise in the correct form and Rosie provided me with knowledge about both food and exercise habits, and how to implement them in my busy lifestyle. I built confidence in the gym and also knowledge about what best is needed for my own body.I would 110% recommend her for anyone and everyone, as she is so adaptable and friendly to everyone. She knows how to approach sensitive situations with care and respect, whilst also pushing me to overcome my fears/pains. I would specifically recommend her for overcoming gym/exercise fears, shes amazing at making the gym a fun place to be.  She is confident and friendly and she has done her research so there’s a lot of trust. 

Personal Training

Sacha W. 

Marketing specialist

The main goal for my session was rehab and recovery. I first went to see Rosie after taking a back knock on my ankle. She loosend up in the injury and was able to get me playing sooner. Being an older student my body takes a little longer to recover and these sessions really help with speeding that process up and prevented further injury. I was also provided some stretch work and activities so help speed up my recovery. I gain a faster recovery from the sessions allowing me to miss only 1 game this season due to an injury. I was most thankful for this as I was captain this season. I would recommend Rosie and did to my team mates as she was great.

Sports Massage

Phil Cunningham

Rugby President 


"Thank you Rosie for a great sports massage. I usually choose men to do this treatment as my experience of women has been a bit hit and miss.  Some women are too soft and gentle therefore ineffective on the worst muscles areas I suffer with. You were good at listing to what I said at the start and your skills are that of a much more experienced practitioner. I look forward to the next massage treatment."

Sports Massage

Ramsey B.

Business owner

When I first met Rosie I was extremely self conscious and had low self esteem, I was morbidly obese and afraid to exercise. I was desperate to lose weight and to improve my fitness so that I could look and feel better and be able to keep up with my energetic young children. It was difficult to carve out time for myself, especially with childcare, so the fact that Rosie was able to come to me, and didn't mind working around the kids, was a huge bonus. It's so much easier to motivate yourself to exercise when the trainer turns up at your door, there are no excuses!


In just a few short weeks I was seeing physical changes, alongside losing weight, I was becoming far less out of breath, was more flexible and my posture improved. I was really noticing my core strength building up and getting back in touch with muscles I hadn't engaged since before pregnancy. I was enjoying exercise for the first time and looking forward to sessions, and actually missing them if I needed to postpone for any reason. My confidence was improving and with a little encouragement I began to feel comfortable enough to exercise in public, at local parks and woodland trails. I have felt a huge difference mentally, my self esteem has vastly improved, I am more self confident and more in touch with my body, realising that it can work a lot harder than I gave it credit for.


I really cannot recommend Rosie enough, she's changing my life for the better not only physically but mentally. I feel like she's genuinely invested in me reaching my goals and wants to see me succeed. I can't imagine many trainers would push you to your max whilst holding your baby, entertaining your four year old - who insists on joining in, all whilst throwing a ball for your dog! Rosie is always on hand to offer advice on any niggles or injuries and actively researches for my specific physical circumstances. We have also discussed diet and nutrition and she advises without being unrealistic, encouraging genuine change over fad decisions and quick false results.


I had my very first sports massage with Rosie following my first 5k run and was nervous as I had heard they were painful - I was pleasantly surprised. There were moments that I had to breathe deeply but Rosie quickly established my comfort level and prepared me each time she needed to work my muscles a little harder. The next day I felt like a new woman with a far improved range of movement, better posture and sense of physical freedom. As I write this I'm realising I should really book another!


I still have a long way to go but I am convinced that I will reach my goals and create new ones that right now I can't envision. This will be the first New Years Eve that I will be confident that my resolutions for 2019 will become reality! I have tried for years to do this alone, I literally couldn't do this without Rosie's guidance, support and determination. She believed in me when I wasn't able to believe in myself, for that I will always be grateful.

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Personal Training

Megan S.

Mum of 2

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Kent/London United Kingdom

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