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December 22, 2018

I thought that I would write a short article about feeling beautiful at a time of the year that people tend to feel worn out, over weight and over all ugly, now most people think that the only way to feel beautiful is by using make up to cover what we think are our fla...

November 2, 2018

Why choose a sports massage?

Before becoming a masseuse, I had never ever imagined myself ever massaging anyone, especially a stranger. But then I was given the opportunity to do it and I thought, why not?! As a sport science student I was getting the qualification at a...

September 3, 2018

Most of us know what asthma is but less of us know what Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (C.O.P.D) is, I know I didn't when I first came across it.

Let’s start by familiarising ourselves with asthma. Asthma is a respiratory illness and symptoms include chronic cou...

July 23, 2018

Do you hear that cracking? That’s my knees!

A very famous old wives tale is that when you crack you joints you are more likely to develop arthritis, hehe! I believed it for quite some while. This cracking noise also known as grinding, popping and crepitus is not usual...

July 17, 2018

My new focus, Vitality!

As I said in my previous blog post, I have a new focus which are clinical populations. I’m going to give you a little background about how OBESITY affects people's lives as well as the economy.

In every 100 adults in the UK 26 are obese and 3 are...

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