Mature Movers 

Exercise plays such an important role in keeping healthy physically and mentally. Maybe you have a friend or relative that is home bound but still needs to keep their body and brain active. You have come to the right place! 

Exercise AT HOME

We can personal train and teach fitness classes ONLINE. Perhaps you want love socialising whilst you exercise all in the convenience of your home? Living a healthy active life whilst meeting others will result in a better immune system, lowered anxiety, it can also be effective for improving overall quality of life. 

Over 65's Fitness

The social media boom has paved the way for many new fitness movements and can be a really effective medium for educating and motivating a society becoming increasingly aware of the importance of physical health and mental wellbeing. We at Vitality Hub love using technology to support health and wellbeing. Don't worry if you have never heard of zoom before, as a population we are likely to live longer so lets utilise the ever evolving world of technology for good. We specialise in over 65's fitness, working with individuals in their homes and within the residential and nursing care home industry. We can tailor personal training, appropriately, target fitness classes and offer exercise for rehabilitation in addition to health and well-being plans.

Please get in touch with our Director Rosie if you would like to discuss how Vitality Hub can benefit your business. One off, short term, long term and remote options are available.

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