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Tracey Barreto

Life Coach, EFT practitioner, NLP/Hypnotherapist and awesome mother of 9 will be partnering up with the Vitality coach for a day of self care and vision planning! 

It was a complete success

Event description:

Come and join us for a wonderfully relaxing and inspiring day creating your very own vision board.

Many of us, these days, have been so busy looking after everyone and everything else that we have neglected the most important person; ourselves.  If you have been struggling, juggling and muddling through lately and feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed and fed-up, you're in the right place.

This day has been designed for women like you to have an opportunity to get away from it all, take a step back, and take a deep breath.  As you unwind, release, indulge in some self-care and connect with your dreams, you will re-ignite your energy and optimism and return to your lives refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated. 


In this one-day intimate retreat for women we will:


  • Introduce the principles, theory and styles of vision-boarding and how they can support us in designing and achieving a life we love

  • Lead a slow, gentle stretch routine to release any tension and relax the body

  • Deliver a beautiful guided meditation for calming the mind which will transition into a visualisation designed to reveal our deeply held dreams and desires

  • Begin the vision boarding process

  • LUNCH: vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free

  • Listen to a talk on nutrition

  • Return to and complete our vision boards and learn how to activate and use them going forward

  • Deliver a healing meditation to end the retreat


This mini-retreat, designed to nourish our spirit and revitalise our body, is an investment of £49 and includes a light lunch and refreshments throughout the day. 

*Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion and wear comfortable clothes.

This will be a wonderfully relaxed, informal day of curiosity, exploration, interaction, participation, meditation, simple exercises and so much more.

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Kent/London United Kingdom

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